We now offer all of courses for remote learning, to enable you to continue to train your team even whilst they work remotely. Contact us to find out more about:

Effective Medical Chaperoning (3 hour)
Infection Prevention and Control (3 hour)
Medical Terminology Foundation (3 hour)
Understanding Bloods (3 hour)
Understanding Prescriptions (3 hour)
Communications and Customer Service with Active Signposting (3 hour)
Further Medical Terminology (8 hours)

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Understanding Blood Tests – half day: Throughout this highly interactive half-day course, delegates will have training on blood physiology, common tests in GP Practice and the importance of clear communication when handling all clinical tests and investigations. Find out more.


Understanding Prescriptions – half day: Throughout this highly interactive half-day course, there is an interactive workshop covering prescriptions and the staff responsibilities relating to handling prescription requests. Find out more.


Medical Terminology Foundation – half day: Throughout this highly interactive half-day, delegates will be shown the structure of the NHS and learn more about the key bodies within primary care. In addition to this medical terminology, common blood tests, acronyms & abbreviations, will be clarified. Find out more.

Further Medical Terminology – 1 day: This is an essential course for all individuals who have not had a formal medical training but work with or alongside the medical profession. For all HCAs and non-clinical staff, it is advisable to attend the Medical Terminology Foundation Training prior to attending this course. Find out more.


Effective Medical Chaperoning – half day: This half-day course is appropriate for all clinical and non-clinical staff wishing to perform the role of a formal chaperone in a health care setting. Find out more.


Communications, Customer Service and Dealing with Challenging Behaviours – half day: The aim of this course is for each delegate to achieve a level of self-awareness, so their behaviour, thinking and service can be adapted to differing situations, ensuring a consistently excellent patient journey. Each delegate will gain the skills to complete a customer service improvement plan (competence) at work, following the workshop. An optional actor workshop is available. Find out more.

Communications and Active Signposting: Leading Your Teams – half day: This half-day course will introduce Practice Managers and their deputies to active signposting and the policies and procedures needed to ensure that the system is implemented safely and efficiently within their practice. Find out more.


Leading Your Team for Reception Managers – half day: This half-day training course will introduce reception managers to models of leadership and the importance of critical conversations and performance management. We will discuss processes needed to ensure that systems are implemented safely and efficiently within their practice. Find out more.

Infection Prevention Control Update – LEADS – half day: This half-day training course gives the leads an opportunity to share information with other surgeries, update their knowledge on appropriate practice and access up to date resources necessary to fulfil this role. Find out more.