Four-Hour Bronze Communications and Active Signposting Workshop

//Four-Hour Bronze Communications and Active Signposting Workshop


Four-Hour Bronze Communications and Active Signposting Workshop


This level of the programme enables understanding and learning in the following areas:

  • Eight stages of customer service success
  • Gaining trust and building rapport
  • Record keeping and sharing information
  • Active Signposting in Barnet and using the WARTS model
  • Signposting, social prescribing and local voluntary organisations
  • Using a local directory of services
  • Learn key tools to aid listening and questioning skills
  • Actor scenarios dealing with everyday patient interactions
  • Active Signposting Competencies
  • Conversations to include aspects of
  • Recognising the need to act in a non judgmental way to all patients and families
  • Patients with dementia
  • Using the WARTS model of answering the phone and making appointments
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Recognising a patient with red flag symptoms (according to individual practice protocol)
  • Signposting using on-line portals
  • Proper use of the SBARC handover tool


Each delegate achieves a level of self-awareness so their behaviour, thinking and service can be adapted to differing situations ensuring a consistently excellent patient journey. The delegate will develop the skills to work towards completing bronze Active Signposting competencies in the workplace within an agreed timeframe following attendance of this workshop. Information relating to clear questioning and listening to enable the delegate to sort and signpost patients and relatives to appropriate services will also be included.


By the end of this four-hour training course, participants will be equipped to:

  • Learn the important factors in developing appropriate and facilitative communication with patients, their families and professionals
  • Understand the receptionist’s extended role as curator of information relating to local services
  • List the eight stages of success in customer service
  • Understand a communication model
  • Recognise the importance of flexible behaviour
  • Practice excellent listening and questioning skills
  • Identify the importance of team work
  • Recognise and effectively use a communication tool when handing over to clients and colleagues
  • Be ready to complete a skills competence within the workplace
  • Direct an actor workshop relating to customer service and signposting in GP practice
  • Understand the importance of empathy, compassion and NHS values
  • Understand the importance of accurate record keeping, data capture and sharing
  • Recognise the importance of following practice protocols relating to Active Signposting and Red Flag Symptoms

Course Agenda – Day 1

9.00am – Coffee and registration

  •  Icebreaker
  • What is Active signposting and how will it work within Barnet?
  • A communication model
  • The WARTS signposting approach
  • Telephone vs. face-to-face communication
  • Eight stages of customer service success
  • Competency based assessment.
  • Gaining trust and building rapport
  • Listening/questioning skills
  • Signposting to local services

Tea / Coffee

  • The importance of accurate record keeping, data capture and information sharing

Actor workshop: Customer service and signposting scenarios

Evaluations & Close

Throughout the programme, delegates will be asked to:

  • Complete an understanding our values worksheet
  • Watch a YouTube on NHS structure
  • Access resources on the extrane