Communications and Active Signposting: Leading your Team Workshop

//Communications and Active Signposting: Leading your Team Workshop


Communications and Active Signposting: Leading your Team Workshop

This 4-hour session will introduce Practice Managers and their deputies to   active signposting and the policies and procedures needed to ensure that the system is implemented safely and efficiently within their practice. They are encouraged to release their staff for level 1 and 2 active signposting training to ensure practice staff achieve the competencies.


This course allows Practice Managers to:

  • Understanding the 8 steps to success
  • Learn skills to lead your team to implement a consistent service standard
  • Discuss the process of implementing successful active signposting within their practice including using a risk register
  • Consider their own practice protocol
  • Discuss the role of the GP Champion
  • Understand the importance of effective competence assessment, appraisals and objective setting – building competence into appraisals and objective setting
  • Direct an actor workshop

Course Agenda

9.00am – Coffee and registration

  • Active Signposting:  Examining the staff training programme and Assessing staff competence
  • Are you already actively signposting?
  • Practice policy including MDU MPS Guidelines and CCG Protocol template
  • The role of your GP champion
  • The importance of assessing risk

Tea / Coffee

Actor workshop, using scenarios relating to leading your team:

  • Assessing competence
  • Appraisals and objective setting
  • Signposting in action

13.00 – Evaluations & Close