Communications, Customer Service and Dealing with Challenging Behaviours in GP Practice

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Communications, Customer Service and Dealing with Challenging Behaviours in GP Practice

1 Day Workshop

Good customer care is becoming increasingly important in modern day General Practice. With the introduction of Active Signposting, excellent communication skills needs to be a fundamental foundation skill of all non-clinical staff within Primary Care. This course will cover many issues in relation to customer service and communications in a fun and interactive way, using an actor workshop and real life scenarios from GP practice. The delegates will learn about communication skills, behaviour patterns and how to establish a patient centred service within their practice.

This course supports the communication skills needed for Bronze Level Active Signposting in General Practice. Delegates will have access to relevant and up to date documents, videos and links on the CMT Clarimed Training website following completion of this course.


For each delegate to achieve a level of self-awareness, so their behaviour, thinking and service can be adapted to differing situations, ensuring a consistently excellent patient journey. The delegate will gain the skills to complete a customer service improvement plan (competence) at work, following the workshop.


By the end of this training course, participants will be equipped to:

  • List the eight stages of success in customer
  • Construct a personal action plan for delivering excellent customer service, with a view to completing a communication
  • Identify the importance of accurate listening and questioning
  • Identify skills to effectively build and break rapport and effectively handle conversations with service users showing difficult behaviours.
  • Recognise and effectively use a communication tool when handing over to patients and staff
  • Gain a patient

Course Agenda – Day 1

9.00am – Coffee and registration

  • Ice breaker
  • Eight stages of customer service success gaining trust and building rapport
  • Patient registration

Tea / Coffee

  • Face-to-face communication
  • Telephone techniques
  • Listening and questioning skills


Actor workshop: customer service scenarios in gp practice

  • Patient registration
  • Confidentiality listening skills questioning skills
  • Patient with challenging behaviour
  • Waiting room management
  • Using an effective handover tool

16.00 – Evaluations & Close